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The second half of the project [STEREO]TYPE is called 'Fortunate Takeaways.' 

'Fortunate Takeaways' is a recognition of the hard labour of Chinese families that operated small takeaway businesses throughout New Zealand and their contributions to their community. 
Sharing with you, a retrospect of their experience told through personal stories, interviews, and family photographs — stories that are normally hidden behind the counter, from the kids who grew up in one. Chinese Takeaways are found in many small townships and urban centers throughout New Zealand. Alongside serving Chinese cuisine, they’re your local fish and chip shop too. You may even have a favorite or local takeaway shop, that you visit every Friday night along with the rest of the town. Your evening meal is ready in approximately 10-15mins but the family working, has been there preparing for the evening rush since 11 am that morning. 
'Fortunate Takeaways’ houses the narrative and personal stories from interviews into menu forms and receipts. 

           Featured in an upcoming Chinese
           New Zealand history website led by
           Kirsten Wong 
Online versions  (Issu)

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01               Paper menu 

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